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The home ownership
journey, made simple.



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Knowledge is power: Never before has everything been available to you in 1 spot. Empower your home ownership journey today.

Trusted Advisors: it excites us to welcome you into our community as we introduce you to people going through a similar journey and extend our trusted brokers and conveyancers to ensure we deliver an exceptional experience. Share your home ownership journey today.

We share in your costs: we understand that home ownership can be expensive, so Brixn is proud to offer our full service at no cost to you. All our partners agree to share in your costs by imbursing brixn for the privilege of supporting your home ownership reality. Experience your journey today.

Stay on the path: as you stand at the foot of your mountain we often are unsure which path to trek first, Brixn illuminates this pathway as you begin to climb – we will even carry your bags! Explore your journey today.

Real time update: let Brixn keep score and you just enjoy the game. With Brixn live updates you will know exactly what stage your up to. Unlock the secret to a simpler journey today.

Simplify the experience: our passion is to see you realise your Australian dream; by delivering an exceptional experience that is simpler and more enjoyable than ever before.

‘Home is where your story begins’.



Knowledge is power: Never before has everything been available to you in 1 spot. Empower your home ownership journey today.

‘Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home’.


  • Be an open line of communication
  • Do what we say we will do
  • Be the map to others journey
  • Empower others to hear the challenges, but listen to their dream.

Join the brixn community

Brixn invites qld brokers and conveyances to become a part of the brixn community by requesting a media pack. A Brixn representative will contact you to arrange an appropriate time to meet. It is imperative that you hold the same values as Brixn and can provide a unique experience to our clients.


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Service Provider


‘Make a wish upon a star and then reach for it.’.


Looking at a second property? Congratulations on taking the leap again! To utilise all the features of the Brixn app from scratch, simply head to settings and select ‘delete all data’. This will keep your personal details but delete your purchase plan so you can start from the beginning of your journey.

Zac and Alisha Goodman are the founders of Brixn, and are available at anytime via the following details:
Alisha Goodman
[email protected]

Zac Goodman
[email protected]

Brixn has researched the most highly regarded service providers in your area to ensure you are well looked after. You can ensure our Brokers and Conveyancers are doing everything in their power to provide you exceptional service and providing the best offer suited to your needs.

No catch! Brixn is bringing a simple home ownership journey to you at no cost to ensure your experience when buying a home is enjoyable. You do not pay for any service using Brixn.

Having your own service provider is fine, simply select ‘I already have a broker/conveyancer’ at the bottom of the screen. Using your own service provider will not stop you from having access to all the hints and tips in the app, however if your service provider is not associated with Brixn they will be unable to communicate with you, and the other service providers as a part of the app. This also means your timeline will not be updated and the countdown ability inactive, so you will need to regularly contact your provider to be kept up to date.

Tip: Ensure you ask them if they know about Brixn, if they are in the brixn community they can provide you with a unique link allowing them the ability to update the app and keep you in the loop!

Brixn express is there to do the legwork for you for moving day. Rather than making numerous phone calls to set up the utilities in the new place, sit back, relax and wait for the call to come to you. Within 4 business hours you will receive a call from a qualified Brixn representative to set up everything you have chosen in the app. Your choices are insurance, electricity, home phone, broadband and foxtel.

When you answer the call, our Brixn representative will ask a few questions to determine what you need and which provider is most suited to your needs. Our representatives are based in Sydney and have the knowledge of a number of products with numerous service providers. If you have a specific provider you would like to set up with please advise the representative when you speak with them.

Brixn welcomes all feedback, good or constructive via phone, txt or email. We love to hear your stories and may have them appear on our website with your permission.

Think of Brixn as your mate at a BBQ, we will suggest trusted and proven service providers and give you tips and hints on your journey. But more than that, we provide a timeline of events so you never miss an important date and keep your broker, conveyancer and real estate up to date and talking to each other the whole time. If you want your journey to be simple and efficient, then download the Brixn app.

Brixn and their service providers pay for the App so that you can experience your journey stress free and have all the information at your fingertips.

The Brixn founders Zac and Alisha Goodman have used personal experience, plenty of research and the help of our trusted service providers to bring you all of the information on the app.

Zac and Alisha have bought, sold and built houses/units, and managed a portfolio of investment properties. Through these experiences they have created Brixn to encourage you to take the leap into home ownership and enjoy the journey stress free.

Brixn welcomes you to apply to become a service provider via our website www.brixn.com. once we receive your details you will contacted by a Brixn representative to discuss what it takes to be involved in the Brixn community. It is very important that our service providers are able to provide Brixn users with an exceptional experience.

‘Buying today, will get you started on your lifetime for tomorrow’.


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